80% of Americans Unfit for Military Service, Special Forces Recruitment in Crisis Mode

According to Tim Kennedy, U.S. Special Forces are suffering a recruitment crisis due to the lack of a “qualified population of eligible Americans to recruit from”, and 80% of Americans are unfit for any type of military service.

Recruiters “Just can’t get somebody that isn’t smoking weed, somebody that can pass a PT test or tape (obesity) test” said Tim.

“We’re borderline freaking out about what we’re gonna do.” says Tim Kennedy during a podcast with Joe Rogan. “Thank god we didn’t go to war with North Korea” said Kennedy citing only 70% of army special forces ODA’s have 10 members.

The above begs the question “How would a major war play out?”, if Americans are too fat or too unfit to fight then surely it’s not going to end well.



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