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  • Body Armor

    Body Armor vs The Brave Woman in a Long Flowing Dress

    Leshia Evans, a 28-year-old mother from New York works as a nurse. She attended the Baton Rouge protest in Louisiana over the shooting of a black man by police. Standing in a long flowing dress with her arms crossed, gazing into a line of heavily armed police she’s tackled by two heavily-armed and armored officers […]

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    Skyrim Ebony Armor (Heavy Armor)

    Skyrim Heavy Armor

    Skyrim Iron Armor Iron armor is the poorest quality Skyrim heavy armor that looks like it has been left out in the rain a bit too long, but ya gotta start somewhere and this is it for heavy armor. There’s an entire set of iron armor to be had in Riverwood, and you can come […]

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    Skyrim Dragonscale Armor (Light Armor)

    Skyrim Light Armor

    Skyrim Hide Armor Hide armor is the cheapest and weakest armor in Skyrim, you can find it all over the place and it isn’t worth investing much time in finding it unless you’re a collector. Despite being the lowest level armor, it still looks pretty cool.

  • Skyrim - Altar of Thrond

    Have you ever found anything in this creepy corpse?

    I came across this creepy, heavily mutilated corpse at the Altar of Thrond and it’s empty. It seems kinda weird to me that it’s empty and I have a feeling there’s more to this than I know and I can’t find any more info after googling around. Have you ever found anything here? Please leave […]

  • Omar Mateen

    Omar Mateen tried to buy Level 3 body armor

    Omar Mateen, the Orlando nightclub murderer and terrorist tried to buy Level 3 body armor. The store said it reported the suspicious request to a law enforcement agency, weeks before the shootings. According to a manager at Lotus Gunworks, Omar Mateen came into the store about four or five weeks ago. The workers told him […]

  • K9 Body Armor

    $22,000 Body Armor Donation for K9’s

    Body Armor News K9 officers just got a whole lot safer in Philadelphia. Each one of 23 K-9 dogs will have its own personal body armor. The armor will include bulletproof vests and puncture-proof body protection. The Philadelphia police department was able to get the armor thanks to a $22,000 donation from Joanne Berwind. “The […]

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