$22,000 Body Armor Donation for K9’s

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K9 Body Armor
Body Armor for 23 K9’s

K9 officers just got a whole lot safer in Philadelphia.

Each one of 23 K-9 dogs will have its own personal body armor. The armor will include bulletproof vests and puncture-proof body protection.

The Philadelphia police department was able to get the armor thanks to a $22,000 donation from Joanne Berwind.

“The Philadelphia Police Foundation is grateful to Joanne Berwind for her generosity and concern for the safety of the K-9 Unit’s four-footed police officers,” Maureen Rush, the Police Foundation’s board president, said.

K9 Body Armor
K9 Body Armor

Commissioner Richard Ross thanked Berwind for her generosity, saying the K-9 units put their lives on the line every day to protect residents.

“These canines are brave and loyal and, as you can imagine, they would give their lives in service to this city,” said the commissioner.

Rush said she hopes Berwind’s compassion spurs others to support the police through the Philadelphia Police Foundation.

Photo credit: THOM CARROLL