• Development of the 14th Century Spaulder 2

    The Development of the 14th C. Spaulder Shoulder defenses in 14th Century England cont. From the middle of the 1300s the English spaulder takes basically the same form until roughly the end of the century, with a domed cop19 protecting the shoulder and tightly fit dependent lames ending high up on the arm, with the […]

  • Development of the 14th Century Spaulder

    The Development of the 14th Century Spaulder Spaulders are one of the most common elements in modern reenactment armour, yet most fall short of replicating the shapes and appearance of those depicted in history. This seems particularly so in the century in which they originated, and rarely are regional distinctions made. Though the spaulder, in […]

  • Cuir Bouilli Hardened Leather Armour

    Cuir Bouilli Hardened Leather Armour Making Technique by David Friedman We’d like to thank David Friedman for granting us permission to re-publish this fine article on techniques of making water hardened leather armour. (see also: Beginner’s Tips for Leatherworking) Some years ago, I wrote an article on how to make hardened leather armor using beeswax. […]

  • Beginner’s Tips for Leatherworking

    Beginner’s Tips for Leatherworking by Eric Filardi Okay, after recently working with leather (all day today), I have compiled a list of things NOT to do when using it: 1) Don’t put your pattern in the middle of the hide and start cutting it out, then realize you wasted the whole hide. 2) Don’t leave […]

  • Armour Stand Construction

    Armour Stand Construction Quite a few people have asked how to build a display stand so that they may show off their armour at their home, event or wherever. I have an armour stand that I designed that has served me very well for quite some time, and is simple in it’s construction. You’ll require […]

  • Riveted Mail Theory & Technique

    Riveted Mail Theory and Technique by Steve Sheldon Table of Contents TOPICS * Introduction * THEORY * A discussion of riveted mail from a historical viewpoint * Wire Source * Winding Coils * Cutting Rings * Annealing * Flattening * Punching * Riveting * TECHNIQUE * A discussion about riveted mail as it applies to […]

  • Bluing

    How to Cold Blue (Blacken) Armour by Matt Stitchman Bluing is a controlled oxidization (rust) of the metal. It’s not going to work on stainless steel or other metals besides carbon steel for that reason. This thin layer of rust (which is a blue/black color thanks to chemicals in the bluing solution) and the fact […]

  • Basic Armoring – A Practical Introduction to Armor Making

    A Practical Introduction to Armor Making by Paul Blackwell The Arador Armor Library would like to thank the fine folks at Brighthelm and of course Mr. Paul Blackwell for their kind permission to publish Basic Armouring here at Arador. While generally geared towards the construction of sport combat armour, it prevails as an invaluable resource […]

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    How To Make Armor

    Armor Glossary

    Armor Glossary A Ailette A flat plate of leather or parchment which tied to the point of the shoulder. Worn between 1250-1350 to display the owner’s coat of arms. Aketon A padded and quilted garment, usually of linen, worn under or instead of plate or mail. Almain Rivet A munition-grade half-armor imported from Germany in […]

  • How To Make A Spangenhelm 3

    How to Build a Spangenhelm by Ron McWilliams Page 3 of 3 Check the fit on all pieces before taking the bolts out. Note burrs on nasal piece. All pieces should be finished at this last fitting. Check all pieces before riveting. All sanding and buffing should be finished before final assembly. Peen rivets fron […]

  • How To Make A Spangenhelm 2

    How to Build a Spangenhelm by Ron McWilliams Page 2 of 3 Measuring out the panel holes. Punching holes for the panels. Ensuring a tight fit between bands before adding panels. Double checking band alignment before adding panels. After first rough sanding on the panels, the low spots will show up. Turn piece over and […]

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    How To Make A Spangenhelm

    How to Build a Spangenhelm by Ron McWilliams Page 1 of 3 Click on the spangenhelm pattern below to enlarge and print it. Some tools used on this helm. Dome stakes, dome bowl, calipers, tape measure, files, lead scuba weight, snips, gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs, rail road anvil and spike, dishing and planishing hammers, […]