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  • K9 Body Armor

    Body Armor for Shadow, the K9 Police Officer

    One lucky K9 got a shiny new vest thanks to a Massachusetts nonprofit group. Vested Interest in K9s Inc. provided the equipment. The purchase was sponsored by the American Legion post in Findlay. The vest is valued at around $2,000 and it’s greatly appreciated by Shadow, a Belgian Malinois and German shepherd mix. Vested Interest […]

  • Patrick Leahy - Body Armor Advocate

    Body Armor Program Renewed in Vermont

    It became clear after a deadly shooting in 1997 that Vermont’s local law enforcement needed body armor, two New Hampshire state troopers were killed in the shootout and several others were injured. One of the seriously injured was John Pfeifer, now the Chief Patrol Agent of the U.S. Border Patrol’s Swanton Sector. Pfeifer joined U.S. […]

  • Popular

    Body Armor

    Body Armor for the Modern Man

    Body armor is about protecting life, it’s that simple. When people hear the word “armor” they imagine knights of old wearing bright shiny plate, riding a white horse but the modern man uses body armor for his everyday protection at work and play. So what do Navy SEAL’s, bikers and builders all have in common? […]

  • Landsknecht Pikeman Armour

    Landsknecht Pikeman armor From the First Half of the 16th Century by Jason Grimes In researching pikemen’s armor there are several research approaches. One is to look at woodcuts or paintings to determine what kind of armor Landsknecht pikeman wore, if any. A second one is to look at period written records of wages and […]

  • How To Make Armor – Introduction

    How to make armor, by Arador. This guide will teach you how to make armor but I strongly suggest you grab a copy of this fantastic book by Brian Price, it makes a great companion for this guide.. If you’re anything like me, chances are you’ve had this unexplainable attraction to things medieval since you […]