How To Make Armour

How to make armour. How to make armor.

  • Riveted Mail Theory & Technique

    Riveted Mail Theory and Technique by Steve Sheldon Table of Contents TOPICS * Introduction * THEORY * A discussion of riveted mail from a historical viewpoint * Wire Source * Winding Coils * Cutting Rings * Annealing * Flattening * Punching * Riveting * TECHNIQUE * A discussion about riveted mail as it applies to […]

  • Bluing

    How to Cold Blue (Blacken) Armour by Matt Stitchman Bluing is a controlled oxidization (rust) of the metal. It’s not going to work on stainless steel or other metals besides carbon steel for that reason. This thin layer of rust (which is a blue/black color thanks to chemicals in the bluing solution) and the fact […]

  • How To Make A Spangenhelm 3

    How to Build a Spangenhelm by Ron McWilliams Page 3 of 3 Check the fit on all pieces before taking the bolts out. Note burrs on nasal piece. All pieces should be finished at this last fitting. Check all pieces before riveting. All sanding and buffing should be finished before final assembly. Peen rivets fron […]

  • How To Make A Spangenhelm 2

    How to Build a Spangenhelm by Ron McWilliams Page 2 of 3 Measuring out the panel holes. Punching holes for the panels. Ensuring a tight fit between bands before adding panels. Double checking band alignment before adding panels. After first rough sanding on the panels, the low spots will show up. Turn piece over and […]

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    How To Make A Spangenhelm

    How to Build a Spangenhelm by Ron McWilliams Page 1 of 3 Click on the spangenhelm pattern below to enlarge and print it. Some tools used on this helm. Dome stakes, dome bowl, calipers, tape measure, files, lead scuba weight, snips, gloves, safety glasses, ear plugs, rail road anvil and spike, dishing and planishing hammers, […]

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    How To Make a Great Helm

    Great Helm Pattern and Construction by K. Grayson Our thanks to K. Grayson for allowing us to re-publish this article on Arador. Also see: How to Make Armor and Building Spaulders – an exercise in basic hammerwork, finishing, and assembly. This type of helm is a nice basic helm to make. It is typical of […]

  • How To Make Maille Chausses

    Maille Chausses by Matthew Johnston Matthew has created a very attractive and functional version of 13th C. style maille chausses. More pics to come of the completed outfit. “The rings are all 16 gauge with a 1/4” inner diameter. Stainless steel from just below the knee up and aluminum below that. There’s an old pair […]

  • How To Make An Arming Cap

    How To Make An Arming Cap by Dan Di Cristo This essay is for someone with minimal sewing skills. If you’re not too good at sewing, find someone who is and ask him or her all those basic sewing questions. Materials -1 yard of fabric (your choice) -Batting (amount needed depends on how thick you […]

  • How To Make Armour – Videos by Eric Dubé

    This month we’re thrilled to feature the video gallery of Eric Dubé, we’ve added a special section to our site where you can see him at work. Eric demonstrates the skills required to make armour, it takes time and patience but most of all it requires passion to take the raw materials and turn them […]