Body Armor for the Modern Man

Body armor is about protecting life, it’s that simple.

When people hear the word “armor” they imagine knights of old wearing bright shiny plate, riding a white horse but the modern man uses body armor for his everyday protection at work and play.

So what do Navy SEAL’s, bikers and builders all have in common? That’s right, they all use body armor and it comes in many types of materials such as ceramic, plastic, kevlar and steel.

For many, body armor is part of their everyday life and in this article we’re going to be looking at the different kinds of body armor and how it’s used to protect lives.

Body Armor for Military Men

Body armor is a key component in modern warfare, and the image below is a stark reminder of why body armor is so important, not only to those who wear it but to their families too.

Body Armor
Operation Red Wings – The Flight Home. June 28, 2005. Never forget!

The largest piece of body armor used by U.S. military is the modular tactical vest, or MTV. This body armor has a quick-release system to help corpsmen remove it in an emergency, which in itself is a topic of debate by those that have worn it and accidentally had it fall off due to the release mechanism getting caught on equipment.