Asus ROG 752 Review

My wife’s laptop died a few weeks ago and she decided to replace it with something a little beefier than the previous one which was a Lenovo touchscreen thing that I absolutely hated, and despite it’s high price tag it was slow with poor build quality.

So I suggested she get an ASUS G752.

I’ve been a huge fan of ASUS notebooks ever since I bought my G75V a few years ago, the only complaint I have about it is that the letters on the keyboard wore out but that’s because I’m heavy handed and the poor thing gets hammered like a Saturday night Essex girl.

Anyway she decided to go with my recommendation and get the G752 – which is an absolute beast and she’s all over it, the kids went near it the other day and I swear she was going to superman punch them to the head, nobody gets near this thing – get within 2 feet and she’s picking up a knife.

First the performance, this thing runs Chrome like a monster.. she browses web pages on all kinds of sites and has up to THREE tabs open at once.  Jamie Oliver’s cooking recipe website performs especially well, displaying the pictures of Yorkshire Puddings like a boss.

Then there’s video, holy shit.  It displays Downton Abbey in full 1920×1080, and when Poldark comes on I can feel her quivering at the knees, I think she’s trying to keep them together — that dude really gets her going.

So far there’s just one problem with the G752 – she doesn’t play fucking video games.  She uses Chrome, she watches Poldark – “on a gaming machine” and it’s all my fault.

I lied, this isn’t a review it’s a confession.  I fucked up big time, every day I have to look at this glorious beast of a gaming machine knowing its potential, knowing the chills and thrills and spills it would bring to anyone but my wife.

Please help me, I need advice.  How can I get her off recipe websites and Netflix?

What do I do to make her realize its full potential?  Are there some games that even Jamie Oliver and Poldark obsessed women like her love that she would actually play so my guilt can be lessened?  There has to be something!

Leave a comment below, I’m at a loss.



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