I get asked “What’s the best news theme for WordPress?” a lot, and if you just want to see it without reading the whole article then here’s the link:

Best WordPress News Theme - Styles


For everyone else, let’s dive a bit deeper 😉

What does best news theme actually mean?

Unlike the gazillion other blog posts you’ve seen with silly titles like “20 best news themes for WordPress” or “Best WordPress news theme in 2017” when I say best I actually mean best, in other words there’s only one best and this is the best.

Best because #1 – It’s the news theme that gets results

I’ve installed and configured hundreds of WordPress based websites, blogs, magazines and e-commerce sites and I’ve experienced a lot of pain and ridiculousness you don’t even want to think about, the worst pain of all is when all your hard work installing, configuring and customizing results in no visitors and no ability to rank well in search results because of a poorly coded theme.

Results are what matters and if you want results then you need the best news theme capable of bringing you lots of visitors and serving them well.


Best because #2 – It’s the most flexible news theme

Here’s one quick lesson about how to win in business and life:

“The most flexible <whatever> wins.”  – it doesn’t matter whether it’s a product, service, system, method or person – flexibility wins, it just does and this news theme is about as flexible as you can get.

A flexible WordPress theme allows you to do all the things you need to do without getting in the way, a flexible theme makes your life easier, not harder.

Most themes lack flexibility, this one does not, it’s the most flexible news theme for WordPress you’ll find and that’s why I use it myself.

Here are some examples from inside the theme control panel:

Header Styles

Best WordPress News Theme - Header Styles

There are 12 header styles but it doesn’t stop there, each style can be customized through the flexible menu system, content and positions of elements can be moved around easily to get the exact look and feel you want.

Top Bar

Best WordPress News Theme - Top Bar

The top bar alone has more than 16 options that give you enough flexibility to create any look you want, and as if that’s not enough there’s an entire top bar API template that will allow you to customize and register even more top bar layouts.

Main Menu

The main menu settings are more flexible than any other WordPress news theme, there are loads of options and they’re so quick and easy to configure it’s ridiculuous.


Best because #3 – It’s the fastest news theme

Speed matters, nobody has time to sit around waiting for slow loading pages and Google agrees, this theme is highly-optimized for speed right out of the box.


Best because #4 – It’s the most reliable news theme

The goal with a news site is to get a lot of people reading it and when that happens you’re going to need a reliable well-coded theme that keeps on trucking when there’s a ton of people visiting it, this is something inexperienced people don’t understand.

And while we’re on this topic I want to mention something else called “quality web hosting”, every man and his dog will try to sell you on their cheap $5 web hosting – don’t do it, just don’t, it’s a huge mistake.

You only get one chance to make a good first impression, now imagine you’ve written a great article and it starts getting visitors and you decided to buy cheap web hosting – here’s what happens – your website dies, because cheap hosting can only take so much and that so much is so little it’s stupid.

You never know when you’re going to get a blog post that gets a ton of visitors and if you’re not ready for it then you just blew a huge opportunity and because those people got an error page or an insanely bad experience they will likely never return again.

Here’s what most people do:

“Cheap hosting, poorly configured, poorly optimized, poorly managed”

and a lot do:

“Expensive hosting, poorly configured, poorly optimized, poorly managed”

Everyone wants to sell you on “quick and cheap” – but cheap only works when it’s slow, well thought out, well configured and well optimized and that’s not quick or easy to do, it takes a lot of time, experience and effort to do it right and it has to be done in a particular way.

Get in touch with me if you want a site that gets results.


Best because #5 – It’s the news theme I use

Next time you click on one of the clickbait websites telling you about the best 20 news themes take a look at the theme they’re using themselves – I guarantee that 99.9% of the time they aren’t using any of the themes they’re promoting.

I use the best of everything I can get my hands on and you should too, even if you don’t like the look of this website you shouldn’t let that stop you from checking out the best news theme – remember it’s results that matter and your site doesn’t have to look anything close to mine.

But don’t take my word for it, take a look and see for yourself:


And more importantly, try it!





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