Combat Socks launches on July 27th, 2017 with a hugely discounted grab bag offer for both Men and Women, the socks are great quality and you should definitely get yourself a pack or get one as a gift for a friend, they’re a great deal.

The combat socks concept is simple: The high quality socks they sell are generally sold in packs of three pairs, and for each pair they sell at full price, they’re donating another pair to each of the following causes:

  1. Veterans in Need
  2. Women’s Homeless Shelters
  3. Men’s Homeless Shelters

The causes are localized and tailored for each country.

For example, if you buy in the U.S., they’ll give to U.S.-based organizations; if you buy in Canada, they’ll give to Canadian-based organizations. They’ll keep giving until they’ve covered every country in the world.

This is a great example of how small differences in the lives of others around the world can have a massive effect on the lives of those less fortunate.

Combat Socks Grab Bag for Men

The men’s grab bag is 9 pairs of dress socks for $19.97, and you get 9 different designs which are pretty cool and made of a high quality cotton blend.

Here’s the photo’s of the 9 different designs men get.

Combat Socks

Combat Socks

Combat Socks

Combat Socks Grab Bag for Women

The women’s combat socks grab bag is 12 pairs of no show socks for $19.97, and as with the men’s women also get 12 different designs which are really nice (according to my wife) and made of a high quality polyester blend.

Here’s the photo’s of the 12 different designs women get.

Combat Socks

Combat Socks

How You Can Help

The best way you can help the combat socks cause is by buying Combat Socks and liking their Facebook Page.

You can also help by sharing their products and website across all your social media.

Don’t miss this awesome sale, it’s all for some great causes.


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