Find the Keywords, take the Bitcoin

I decided to stuff a wallet with some Bitcoin, and give it away because why not?

Hint: You’ll have to watch the whole thing and take notes if you want the Bitcoin.

All you need to do is find the keywords and restore the wallet, everything required is in the video somewhere, and when I say video I also mean the audio in the video, I’ve been pretty sneaky about it because I prefer to assume everyone’s smarter than me – so my sneaky is probably your easy.

Anyway find the keywords and the wallet service and restore the wallet, keep the Bitcoin and tell everyone how clever you’ve been. Oh and move the Bitcoin to your own wallet for obvious reasons.

Why? Well it all started because I was following MrAlexTech’s transform tutorial here as part of my quest to get better at editing in DaVinci Resolve and the idea evolved from there:

The effect itself is very easy to pull off but what’s not so easy is coming up with a creative way of using it on the spot.

After watching Alex’s tutorial my first thought was “What to morph?”, and my second thought was “Easy, faces generated by AI” because… “I think it might work, but I’m not sure so let’s find out”.

Then I wondered how I could make it more interesting for viewers, and so I decided to gamify the video, do the Bitcoin giveaway and go totally over the top and be really silly with it.

If someone actually manages to watch it all then they’re at least as crazy as I am so congrats to whoever you are for being special, lol.

I’ll be incredibly surprised if even one person watches the whole thing, and if someone actually figures out how to get into the wallet then they have way more patience than I do.

Good luck to anyone that tries! I hope you crack it and I hope you’re surprised by how much Bitcoin is in that wallet.

? Gear Used to Create this Video ?

Audio Interface
Interface to Camera cable
Key Light
Fill Light
Editing PC

? Software Used to Create this Video ?

Davinci Resolve
OBS Studio 25

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