The Income Technology Association launched today with a mission of supporting and promoting the development of ethical and sustainable income generating technologies while enhancing investor and consumer safety through independent technical research, evaluation, monitoring, testing, fraud prevention and education.

The association’s mission is to promote, accelerate and advance the development of income generating technologies such as blockchain-based decentralized applications for investors and consumers.

Could income generating technologies be a better way to provide universal basic income?  Or at the very least supplement it?

I believe giving universal basic income directly is better than not giving at all but what if we could give people a technology to plug in that could provide an additional income?

Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Blockchain technologies are already focused on a key component required to make this happen in a big way and the key to it all is decentralization, with these technologies we don’t need to rely upon governments to help those in need or those that choose to opt out of the way society expects us to operate.

With wholesale job losses already happening in the tech sector because of technology advances in AI, machine learning and automation it’s ironic that the solution to replacement income could still be one driven by technology.

I believe Income Technology is the inevitable future for all of us, there will come a time when we reshape society in a way that provides housing, healthcare and income for everyone and Bitcoin and other decentralized technologies will play a big role, it’s not a matter of if it’s inevitable.

I full support the Income Technology Association mission and I hope you do too.


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