Be a Maker

See how Be a Maker encourages kids to try new things, think creatively and use their imagination to become true creators using their Jibo robot.

How it Works

Building a programming foundation

Jibo Be a Maker


Based on the open-source Scratch programming language, Be a Maker allows kids to code their own personal robot, while challenging them to use logic, problem-solving and creative thinking — core skills required for programming.

Call the Shots

Jibo Be a Maker

Create custom programs showcasing Jibo’s delightfully distinctive character. Control everything from Jibo’s dialogue and gestures to his animations and expressions — with Be a Maker, the possibilities are endless.

Expand Your Skillset

Jibo Be a Maker

Be a Maker isn’t just a tool for learning how to code — it teaches applicable life skills that can be used in any field, giving kids the opportunity to think critically and creatively, while using their imagination.

Get Inspired

Jibo Be a Maker

Need a little kickstart? Your robot companion is here to help. Check out the “Learn How to Play” section of the app for guided tutorials and sample sequences that you can modify and build on, so you can be confident that you’re on the right track.

Find Something for Everyone
Jibo Be a Maker

By creating an inclusive, collaborative learning environment, kids of all ages and stages can take part in creating meaningful, memorable experiences with their Jibo robot — at school, at home, or wherever life takes them.

Jibo’s Rocky Start

When Jibo finally became available last year it got off to a rocky start but if this app is half as cool as it looks in the video then it just massively redeemed itself and may have finally found it’s ultimate place in the world, which is superfine by me!

Anything that gets kids coding is freaking awesome, Kudos to the Jibo team and I’ll be following up in a few days once my kids have a chance to try it out.

Download “Be a Maker” on the App Store


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