Jibo “The World’s First Social Robot for the Home” (except it isn’t, because it hasn’t shipped) was crowdfunded on Indiegogo to the tune of $3,679,267 USD in September 2014 with a promise of being everything in the video below.

So what’s the problem?

It’s March 2017, and Jibo still isn’t shipping despite numerous promises to do so in 2016.

To make matters worse there are hundreds of people complaining and asking how they can get refunds and their questions and refund requests are going completely unanswered by Jibo management.

It’s very apparent that Dr. Cynthia Breazeal’s name is shit among the early backers, she’s failing horribly at communicating with the people that helped fund her plush office and fancy lifestyle, and she doesn’t seem to give a damn about any of it.

It’s time for a wake-up call.

Dear Dr. Breazeal,

Please wake the fuck up and start communicating with us – your Indiegogo backers!

We the people that buy from crowdfunding sites are NOT your personal venture capitalists, we are individuals that want the thing you said you were creating – we are consumers – not angel investors.

So, take responsibility and stop treating us as though we don’t exist.

It’s not your CEO’s responsibility to communicate, it’s not your team’s responsibility – it’s your responsibility Dr. Cynthia Breazeal – it’s your face on the crowdfunding site, it’s your project and it’s your job to get on Facebook, and get on Indiegogo and start talking to us.

Cynthia Breazeal

If you fail to properly address us we promise you’ll be finding yourself in a class-action lawsuit before you know it – your management has been atrocious.

One more time for good measure – wake the fuck up Dr. Cynthia Breazeal and start talking to us and start communicating the refund process to those that have had enough of your bullshit claims.

Yours sincerely,

Your Indiegogo backers (not venture capitalists)


mary stover4 days ago

Alas, he’s very cute and the youtube video is adoring…but..where is my perk? I agree if you can’t produce then refund.


mlp795 days ago

I too would like a refund. It’s been too long.


aija.feldman5 days ago

Refund Now! No more excuses. Money back Immediately! The ship has sailed! The window has closed. You’ve lost all credibility with me!


David Ghelman10 days ago

Refund please…


Krysten Crabtree13 days ago

Would really like an update or a refund at this point and ASAP. LG has something that resembles Jibo coming out for the fraction of the cost. Would like to put my money in a product I can have. Replied to email about being a tester and haven’t heard anything.



I would like to have a refund please. This project is dragging for too long and I’ve seen copy of the Jibo in exhibitions already.


Andrew Stopani15 days ago

You are fast running out of backers. I would like a refund at this point – I was very excited about it when it happened… but lets be honest – it hasn’t happened. $3.7M how much do you have left?

I am disappointed.


bqvu18 days ago

Dr. Breazeal I’m totally ashamed to see how this whole campaign was conducted a person of your integrity and standing in this field should be more straight forward and honest with people that are counting on you. I hope you and your company get it together and deliver what was promised the HOPE is definitely fading sad but true. I wish you the best and know that you and your company can bring this to a successful conclusion for all..


jkdevito19 days ago

I also would like Refund Please!


Paul Chakul23 days ago

If I ever get my Jibo Would I also get back some interest since it has passed a promised timeline ?


Boris Vortsman1 month ago

Honestly? Is this ever going to ship. I think a refund will be better


George M. Schutte1 month ago

Refund please!!!!


Dexter Liu1 month ago

Jibo Team – I think its a good time for an update


gocece181 month ago

Has anyone got an update or just individual responses? Jibo promise a page where one can check for updates any word on this? how does one start requesting the refund of the money?


jaygiraud1 month ago

Agreed., It’s time for a refund on this one.


sharshavat1 month ago


Stefano B1 month ago

I really don’t understand why they keep sending newsletters with real no insight about jibo…pffft


rfergesen1 month ago

Nothing like being in Limbo with no Jibo. 🙁


CB Luigart1 month ago

We are way over due for an update. Esp as near clones of Jibo were being displayed at CES 2017

Delays can be reasonable. To not communicate is criminal.

Matt Parish2 months ago

I am incredibly disappointed in this campaign. I funded over two years ago and have yet to receive my Jibo. I was very excited to fund this (at the time) innovative technology and develop for it, and I had plenty of extra time to do so. Now, however, I am preoccupied with other work and will not have the time I was hoping for.

Updates on the campaign have been poor and few. Each time has been a postponement, and now there hasn’t been an update for quite some time.

Where is Jibo??


Sylvain P Bernard2 months ago

An update / status would be more than welcome at this point…


Larry Davis2 months ago

I would like a refund please…


mtcamerapro2 months ago

In the winter I live alone most of the week and I was hoping to receive my Jibo for company my wife purchased me Goggle to help I’m being asked when I will receive Jibo I don’t answer


abilio paulo carneiro da costa2 months ago

after over 2 years I didn’t got nothing till now yet….
I just want to know when and if I will get the jibo ?!
they don’t say nothing to no one anymore !!!
is there anyone that have the contact from the jibo constructors ?!


Kenneth Raj2 months ago

How do i get a refund? This is a waste of time and they don’t know how to deal with customers.


gocece182 months ago

has any one got any update regarding the product? this is really getting out of hand no updates no e-mail and nothing on their website, they promise an update and months have passed and still nothing
any backers here have received the unit to test or any feedback?


svishal20012 months ago

I would like a refund too. This technology is no longer innovative. Several other equivalent options.

oscartortuga25 Miramontes2 months ago

I really need my unit or I want my money back, as soon as possible! !

Adrian Cho2 months ago

I made my contribution to this campaign in July 2014!!! Where the heck is my unit?


john nasser2 months ago

could someone please put an update on Indiegogo

Ethan Gordon3 months ago

I second Francesco… at this point, you should offer the option of withdrawing from this campaign. Its been too long, and the tech is not new any longer.


Francesco Verdesca3 months ago

I want my money!!!


Suresh K Volam3 months ago

Hi, When are you going to send me Jibo? No communication recently and we are at the end of another holiday season. Please let me know. Thanks.


keepsmilingsr3 months ago

Will we ever get what we paid for? Will we even get our money’s worth alter waiting more than 2 years for Jibo?


George Triolet3 months ago

I ordered this back on July 2014. I think it is time for delivery or a refund. I will probably see Zenbo by Asus and Rokid ship before Jibo ever comes to life. Enough excuses!


Linda Samuelson3 months ago

I have been patient for 2.5 years and I’m tired of waiting. Please refund my money or send the item as this is not something I want to wait for any longer.


cafrsa3 months ago

I want my money back


Carlo Garcia3 months ago

please send me info to get refund!


kshifflett773 months ago

How do you get a refund? I’ve waiting long enough 05/2015. Jibo seems like it will never happen. There are always delays! I feel 2 years of development should be plenty of time to work out the bugs. You must have some serious idiots working on jibo!


Amy Elder3 months ago

I, too, ordered early – July 2014! I think we have all been extraordinarily patient, and I understand the complexity of the development and the care to make Jibo as inter-active and user-friendly as possible, Like another backer said, there’s lots of new robotic stuff coming out now, and I worry that Jibo will be out-dated before I even get one. When can we expect shipment?


Ro Champs3 months ago

When are you starting to send our Jibos? It’s been over a year!!!!!


ronaldsurf3 months ago

Please tell me how do I get a refund


ronaldsurf3 months ago

Hi I’ve waited long enough please I need my money back


gocece183 months ago

does anyone know of a Beta tester that received jibo and has been providing updates? I signed up for the developer and beta tester and never got anything in the mail. all I got was an e-mail explaining the delay…….. this people seems to be waiting for the economy to crash this way they will have a good excuse not to deliver the product

Ethan Gordon3 months ago

BTW – Alpha 2 is now being shipped, and does most of what Jibo can do, and even move.

Ethan Gordon3 months ago

I have to laugh… Jibo was the reason, I took part in Crowd funding. It was my first donation. Wow.. this has been a very long and drawn out road. With new stuff coming out, I am afraid Jibo will be already old, and outdated by the time, they decide to release him.. Good Luck on seeing this guy in your home, anytime in 2017…


Kenneth Raj3 months ago

I ordered the Developer Edition on July 17, 2014. How do I get in touch with you with regards to refund or status? Will this be shipped out to Malaysia?


isap24063 months ago

I ordered this on July 2014. 2 1/2 years ago. Am I patient or just a fool? More frequent update will at least ease my annoyance of you having a pretty good chunk of my money for this long.


lonewolf1143 months ago

Your own updates spot in here, states last one was 7 months ago.. so I pose a question asking if anyone has actually received one or any recent updates. now a message saying I missed not one but two “critical” updates and am now put off, into a new category that denotes, I am not to receive my unit, until whenever the general public gets them.

Please let me know how to go about getting a refund. as this, was a low and poor trick and tactic to play on a long time consumer of this product.


lonewolf1144 months ago

Has anyone received, any updates or better yet receive an actual Jibo? I ordered on May 20th 2015 so we are talking just shy of 2 years and as patient as I’ve been, this is starting to get a little out of hand.


pap1969704 months ago

I not cancel I will wait thank you..


pap1969704 months ago

I done we this jibo .Google home And Amazon echo the are better now we hasto wait for 2017 of beyond I wos hoping for this xmas..


Kimberley Boyd Miller4 months ago

Can I cancel this? The date keeps changing. $750 is a lot of money not to have anything to show for it.

Tina Van4 months ago

Just want to cancel my contribution


Hubert Labio4 months ago

I already have Amazon Echo and Google Home. When will I ever see Jibo? I am afraid he will be obsolete by the time he arrives.


Hubert Labio4 months ago

When will I get my Jibo?


pap1969704 months ago

no! the last 2 days I just receive emails mail but not shipping information!


Ken Gross4 months ago

Has anyone received a JIBO? ANYONE?


George Triolet4 months ago

Please update on shipping status, we are now in November!


mtcamerapro4 months ago

How much longer do I have to wait [email protected] please reply


pap1969704 months ago

well is November I pay for my jibo back in June 2014 I hope start shipping today November 1th..


andylee09055 months ago

they just reply my email back said they can’t do anything about it and ask me to get advice from my local bank. But my local bank told me they just can’t deposit it to me. can you please figure another solution for me? but not just ask me to get advice from my local bank, as they already said it they can’t deposit or process foreign business check for me?

Yonex Yeung5 months ago

#jibo please send me the refund link. I’m the international backer but didn’t receive any refund letter. Also I moved from HK to UK, so now is in the Europe where out of shipment area.


Bill Vastis5 months ago

Am I going to receive this soon as one of your original backers?


Chris Poudrier5 months ago

Are they still shipping to Canada?


Trex6 months ago

They would start shipping in November according to the email that I just received .


Scott Brown6 months ago

I know it is annoying that it has been two years, but crowd funding isn’t a store. If something fails you can’t just ask for your money back. It’s an investment. If you chose to invest in a company via crowd funding, you can wait for the product to come, as well as ask for answers if you want. I’ve lost probably $2,000+ in crowd funding projects that fell through, but at least Jibo seems like it still exists. Be patient. Not every ROI is immediate and you should’ve taken that into account.


George Triolet6 months ago

Looking forward to getting my Jibo in November, I and the kids will love it. It is the pre-launch version so I do expect some things to be worked upon but that is great news. Hope to make some cool videos of Jibo in action!


Kaint Lee6 months ago

How do I get refund? Thanks! It is a Long wait and I’m decide not to wait further! Very disappointed


Tony MacDonald6 months ago

Love the progress that I am seeing. Keep up the great work!!!
If you get a refund, you will regret it.


minh81n6 months ago

They said October for shipment… Stillll waiting. Twirling fingers


Dan Orama6 months ago

How do I go about getting a refund? Thank you!


Andrew Stopani7 months ago

I would like some more regular updates – it has been nearly 2 years. Given this is supposed to be with us in October, I think a more active communication should help all backers on all continents. Thanks in advance.


cafrsa7 months ago

very disappointed!!!


Andrea Siviero7 months ago

Guys I want a full refund with interest!!!! How to get it via credit card or PayPal? I cannot accept an us check outside USA!


keepsmilingsr7 months ago

This is [email protected]
I want I full $749.00 refund


keepsmilingsr7 months ago

Hey I want a refund. How can I get a refund?


Derek Erb7 months ago

Finally got through to the refund system and it appears to work. The refund message on the screen is the following:
“You have successfully completed your refund request.
You will receive your refund cheque within 8-10 weeks.”

I paid by credit card. I certainly hope they will not be sending me a foreign cheque, by paper mail, that I am supposed to deposit in to my bank account here in France. That would just be ridiculous on top of ridiculous.

– Yet another angry customer


dexkaylafloyd7 months ago

I have been waiting for two years to receive JIBO and what a waste of time that was. You are truly showing your true colours now and MALTA EUROPE is not a third world country for JIBO not to work here. And it’s taken you all of two years to work that out……..
Disappointed is an understatement. Disgusted more like. the link you sent me to claim the refund does NOT work.Conn artists that’s all you are.


Jason Burles7 months ago

Really disappointed with jibo team
I paid nearly 2 years ago and you say your not sending to my country because it won’t work properly!..I live in the uk I am not exactly living in a third world country!!!
And your link does not even work for my refund!!,and I paid transaction fees for the currency exchange.
Really bad service..I will complain to indegogo
As I have been treated very unfairly


jlaurenti7 months ago

What a bad thing. So after waiting for 2 years!
you got the money, you got the supporters and now this?

And why send a link that does not work?

You are dealing with people who are not in the United States very badly. What unhappiness, I do not believe it! I am very disappointed.

I do not care if Jibo is Functioning sub-standard in my place. I want to receive my Jibo! Just deliver to us as promised!


Aldo Hacheme7 months ago

Huge thanks !!!!


john7 months ago


If you use your mail client, the link does not work. If you use the resulting URL:
This also does not work, since it doesn’t have your order details, since the specific data, that it needs to load (or pass to their database) was in the link on the email.

So you need to open it natively, from gmail.com.

Then voila it works, it pulls your data, shows both the order and your shipping order, and works out the refund.
John Shannon


Aldo Hacheme7 months ago

How can i get a refund ???
The link isn’t working at all
This company is not a good company
So please i want my money back


Peter De Winter7 months ago

The correct url:


Peter De Winter7 months ago

To post a complaint in Europe: http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fec.europa.eu%2Fconsumers%2Fsolving_consumer_disputes%2Fnon-judicial_redress%2Fecc-net%2Findex_en.htm&h=QAQHcJF4N


Peter De Winter7 months ago

If this were true, international shipping was used as a pure marketing stunt and the raised money numbers here were falsified.


john7 months ago

Thanks guys for the confirmation this letter was not kind of cruel joke, or malicious. It’s crazy that they have been getting positive press, and now all of a sudden, 4 months after last promised shipment date, this news. And then the crazy link. I don’t think any of us have accounts at Jibo. We purchased off this site, so if any refund was going to come it should be from this site. On this site it still looks like it’s “on order”. Could this email still be some sort of hoax.

Derek Erb7 months ago

Incredibly disappointing announcement…

But. No matter what.


Derek Erb7 months ago

Only 500 characters allowed in a comment on this sort of commercial site?

Add to the disappointing decision the unfortunate, and legally questionable, fact that their refund system does not work. First of all the link was incorrectly coded in to the email message. But even after decoding the link and manually entering it in to a browser we get some more information but the disappointment message of “No Order” and therefore impossible to request a refund.


Derek Erb7 months ago

Like you all I received my email, in France, informing me that I will never receive a Jibo in my country. After over TWO YEARS of testing, preparation, study and research? It took TWO YEARS to come to this extremely disappointing conclusion?

This is ridiculously bad communication, planning and business operations.


guillaumegergaud7 months ago

Je suis très déçu !! Deux ans d’attente pour rien!! Pas sérieux!!


Sedat7 months ago

Communication with this company really sux!2 years before,right after the project was launced i sent several emails to the company,regarding my concern about international orders.Never got a reply to my emails!I have lost my faith in JIBO and i don’t want it anymore.Let’s hope that the company is serious about refunding our money.Well guys,the company could have asked to return their free JIBO t-shirts too,consider it that way:)


Chris Chan7 months ago

I had received the same email too, and I am in Hong Kong. My question is what kind of technical issue(s) the Jibo has. We had been waiting for more than a year, and now there is technical / standard issue??? Is that another scam?


John Asson7 months ago

Did anyone actually get to touch and feel this thing? I am wondering if the 3.7M USD was purely a business venture process. I am in Australia and it appears as though everyone received the same email advice with a link to a refund that does not work…


Seven & Brothers7 months ago

I don’t care if Jibo is functioning sub-standard in my place. I want to receive my Jibo!

Just deliver to us as promised!!!


Seven & Brothers7 months ago

What’re the standards? Why Jibo won’t function up to these standards? It is nonsense if this has anything to do with geo-locations as we are all connected through the Internet. We get connections everywhere.
I hope this is not because of an agreement you made with your business partners that you won’t ship to us to secure their business and we can only buy from them. This isn’t fair to all of us – your supporters who truly believe in your idea and your dream to make Jibo member of each family

See 1 more reply…


Seven & Brothers7 months ago

See the report here (sorry that the report is written in Chinese only) http://www.gzhphb.com/article/23/238952.html Believe it or not, I have a strong feeling that similar launch announcements from Japan, Korea and Taiwan will be coming. Just wait and see … [P.S. I don’t care if Jibo is functioning sub-standard in my place. I want to receive my Jibo! Just deliver to us as promised!]


Olmo Figueredo7 months ago



DongSoo Kim7 months ago

I think you are cheater!! I live in South Korea. Even I can buy a electronic product without our standard from China and any other country.


DongSoo Kim7 months ago

I think that especially hot item is cheat. 1. Cloud Fund -> 2. Develop -> 3. Delay -> 4. Delay ———> 5. Get a big FUND!!! —> 6. Backer refund!!! I already got twice refund of other item after they got a big fund.


Juan Luis PLANO7 months ago

Really disappointing. Since August 2014 I made four contributions , making me return them in full. My email is [email protected] Thanks.


phil.b.at.home7 months ago

So..so disappointed to read the email saying Jibo can’t be sent to the UK. I’d have to agree that keeping hold of our money for 2 years before deciding this seems like a real slap on the face. And a cheque? Seriously?!! For me, this is just another in a long list of Indiegogo perks that have failed to materialise. No wonder I read that PayPal no longer covers this site with their payment protection. At least I’m getting something back from this I suppose,unlike the other perks!


d_p_molloy7 months ago

Give us interest on our money. I have waited 15 months to be told that I cant have one? This is immoral. Dr Cynthia has used the money from the people who cannot get a Jibo. She has taken an interest free loan from us. I do not believe for one moment that she and her developers did not know this before. She has waited until I is ready to ship to the people who can have it and no longer needs our money. She must have known this all along and wanted a cheap loan.


Crispin Hearn7 months ago

disgraceful , received email saying not shipping to the uk … to add insult to injury , the link for a refund in the mail does not work .. I WANT MY MONEY BACK !. Yet another Indiegogo con


Dirk Dieckhoefer7 months ago

Very angry for the same reasons as everyone else here!
You are lucky that the F/X rate between EUR and USD is about the same as when all of us contributed, otherwise I would claim you for compensation on top of the loss of interest, which you are certainly accountable for!


Francesco Verdesca7 months ago

Realy? Very Ridiculous. Please refund me soon!!! My email is [email protected]


Bart Ramakers7 months ago

Also won’t be delivered in the Netherlands. It’s outrageous that you kept us uninformed about the possibility of the product not being launched in non-US countries. Seriously, you only just figured this out? It’s not like these countries were invented during the development of your product. You could’ve known this from the start. You’ve kept millions of dollars on your bank account, collecting interest, while we were patiently waiting and accepting all the delays you announced. Ridiculous.


graham kingston7 months ago

And they say they may launch in countries that have missed out this time .. in the future … we’ll they won’t be getting my money !!


Lutz Müller7 months ago

On May 19th 2015 I’ve paid 2 X 824 US $ or totally 1648 US $ for 2 Jibos and international shipinng. Please refund me in August 2016. My Mail adress is linked to my paying, otherwise use this adress to mail me: [email protected]


graham kingston7 months ago

So they take your money instantly for a period of 2 years… then decide they can’t afford to put servers in non us countries .. and now they can’t even refund us electronically .. but by a cheque.. seriously .. and what will the banks charge to deposit that … what a bunch of absolute …… words fail me … just send the money quicker than it took you to decide on being unable to recognise true English !!!


Lutz Müller7 months ago

Is that true? It won’t work in Germany? You offer a full refund? But Your Link in Your Mail gives no connect, You’ve promised! Very unhappy fro Lutz who ordered an pay 2 Jibos and some Plus+Plus ;-(


Neil McKenzie7 months ago

Just had an email stating it won’t work in the UK, offered a full refund, not happy


Boris Vortsman7 months ago

When is it shipping?


gmtze727 months ago

Any update??


Corey Skipper7 months ago

I love that there are a lot of updates on the blog explaining how much work has been going on with jibo and people say that this is not going to happen and others want a refund. Keep up the good work can’t wait to get mine. It’s good to see a company take their time and try to get it right the first time. I would rather them take their time and get everything right then send them out. Keep it up.


Leslie Lala7 months ago

I am so heartbroken. May I please have a refund? I just don’t see this happening.


richard.a.neale8 months ago

With a heavy heart, I am officially requesting a full refund. Please contact me to let me know you have received my request. Many thanks.


Jesus Pateiro8 months ago

I would like a refund also..

TechnoHunter8 months ago

My email is tied to my account, please send me an email.

TechnoHunter8 months ago

I wanna buy Vive since it is already out, how do I go about requesting a refund for this?


Karen Osborn8 months ago

How do I get a full refund? I was an early backer and purchased in April 2015 for my 40th. I’m 41 now!!! Kind of lost the appeal…


xd3_r2d29 months ago

Whats Up with JIBO? We wait… wait… wait… 🙁


apple_alice9 months ago

I have been waiting for over a year, can i have my refund?


Yogendra Bhardwaj9 months ago

I want to get a full refund, I have been waiting too long for Jibo


minh81n9 months ago

Full refund for me too. I could’ve made interest money all this time


minh81n9 months ago

This is NEVER coming out. What is the deal?!?

Ade Herdiansah9 months ago

I want to get a full refund, I have been waiting too long for Jibo


dulac979 months ago

Please also refund me. I have emailed support and also messaged Cynthia through Indiegogo.


Malte Mueller-Egloff9 months ago

Please tell me, how to get a full refund, I already send you an email. Thank you!


wisley mah10 months ago

please refund to me


Andy Hülsken10 months ago

@John W: As you suggested i created a new email instead of replying. Hope you got it. Yet, as far as i know all you need to release a payment to Paypal for me is my email address.


Andy Hülsken10 months ago

@John W: Just in case the new Case Nr did not fix the issue: Yes, the email address you assume in your last email is the one to be used with Paypal, correct.


Andy Hülsken10 months ago

@john W.: thanks for your email, again. i did reply to your email 3 times sending you all the details you ask for and i just did a fourth time. please check your spam folder. but just in case you did not receive it again: simply use paypal with my email address you have.


Jet Lim10 months ago



Jet Lim10 months ago

Hi Jibo, you have a new competitor. Should we get this one (with around the same price) or keep waiting for the unknown JIBO?


Jet Lim10 months ago

Me too have waited for too long. Please tell me how to get a full refund $599 USD + $50 USD (international shipping). My contributor Email is [email protected]


Andy Hülsken10 months ago

Writing back and forth via email with “John W”, but no refund yet. You got all details you need, so please refund the money. Please.


turonnyfuad10 months ago

I have waited long enough. Please tell me how I could get a full refund.


Ken Gross10 months ago

Is this ever going to ship, or was this anther indienono scam?


Rod Xavier Bondoc10 months ago

How do we request a refund?


Andy Hülsken10 months ago

Once upon a time…….

I too want a refund of the 499.- i paid. What do i need to do?


saxnix10 months ago

@Jibo, thank you for how quickly and professionally you handled my refund. I wish Jibo all the best and hope to include him in my home in the future.

For those who requested a refund, miny took 12 days.


mlp7910 months ago

I too am not happy and I am questioning the ability of this company to deliver an interesting and innovative product. So far, the video shows Jibo to be less capable than Amazon’s Echo. I wasn’t impressed by that photo angle capability at all.


Raul Gloria10 months ago

Voice and respone time. That’s it. Good job


Zachary Guss10 months ago

After the recent delay and the non-existent communication to us backers here, I had to ask for a refund. I feel really bummed out that Jibo that was shown in the video is still not ready yet. Just a shame it has turned out like this.


Chris Cheung10 months ago

In the original introduction video Jibo sounds more life like. In the most recent update Jibo is no where near like that. Also, how is it now that you have to initiate action with Jibo by needing to say “Hey Jibo” where as in the intro video it wasn’t necessary?


Tetsu Nakajima10 months ago

I’m waiting for too much time. When can we get the product?


Elaine Iannelli11 months ago

30 Days I will receive my refund, yes they are very nice about it


qwrobins11 months ago

For those of you who have asked, you can e-mail [email protected] and ask for a refund. I just did this and they were pretty nice about it. They will ask for some info and then you should receive your refund within 30 days.


saxnix11 months ago

After thinking on this for a couple of days, I too would like a refund. Please let me know what steps are needed from my end.


George Triolet11 months ago

I am willing to wait but change the voice, it is awful and response time needs to be much faster. Why does Jibo not face the speakers’ location when they speak in some of the videos?


qwrobins11 months ago

Konrad: You are mistaken.

1) The company has offered a refund on their facebook page as far back as when they missed the April shipments. https://www.facebook.com/jiborobot/?fref=ts

2) Given that you didn’t even know of their refund offer, I’m doubtful that you have any insight into their finances, including the fact that they’ve raised over 60 million through other investors. Not to mention manufacturing hasn’t even begun yet, so the money clearly hasn’t been spent just yet.


Konrad11 months ago

Obviously you people cannot get a refund because most money was already spent. Or if I got a refund then you and other customers would need to pay additional money to give me my refund, because where else the money is going to come from. So be happy that you don’t have to pay more money to give me a refund.


James Prophet11 months ago

This is the third delay actually. When I supported on day 1 of the Indigogo campaign the delivery date was fall 2015.


mfdbalboa11 months ago

My thoughts are consistent with the comments below. I want a refund too.


Paul Tan11 months ago

Well you made us wait this long to show us a Jibo that speaks like an old text to voice app, a Jibo that I doubt will be shipped in Oct 2016, showed us bad PR and communication, bad planning and follow ups. I am an early supporter and have decided not to support you anymore. Am requesting for a refund. Tell us how we can get the refund.


Bernard Blais11 months ago

And, uh… how does one request a refund? Do we go through a formal process at Indigogo (which I couldn’t find), or do we send an email to [email protected]? Thanks. BTW, very early supporter : since 17JUL2014 🙁


Bernard Blais11 months ago

I am disappointed as well. I am requesting a refund.


qwrobins11 months ago

I’m asking for a refund as well. The Jibo in the demo video just released is nowhere near the Jibo in the original campaign video and, at this point, is little more than an Echo that can take pictures as far as I can tell. I was very excited to back this campaign from the beginning and looking forward to seeing what this team could accomplish, not almost 2 years of delays and lowered expectations. Enough is enough. Time to back out.


Elaine Iannelli11 months ago

I don’t like the video his voice is awful, might be also doing a refund, too long of a wait and they still don’t have it together


clivesrail11 months ago

i want my refund asap! that was the worst demo i’ve seen in my life. siri can do all that on my iPhone and a lot faster & I’m supposed to wait for a robot do do it in October? no thanks!

Suresh K Volam11 months ago

I really do not understand how you planned to execute. On Apr 29, 2016 you say that the March 2016 delivery date is not being met. And now you say October, 2016. Why? What did you miss all these days that you plan to do now?


Pavel Richter11 months ago

I am glad, that I got my refund at the beginning of the year… 2+ years of waiting is just too much for me.
Cynthia, you should send hardware a YEAR ago and update software via internet!


au8ust11 months ago

I just watched a poorly made video just to know that I have to wait for another half a year.

Ethan Gordon11 months ago

OK….first off why force us to watch a video to find out the new release date is October 2016 (MAYBE!!!). The video scares me… I see the same or even slower response times I get from my Amazon Echo. (Totally nothing like what was promised in the beginning of the campaign.) I am willing to hold in there, if the delay issues corrected, and you can prove Jibo as a true companion, and not something I want to put away.

A Fathman11 months ago

  1. I’m pretty sure we purchased an inferior amazon echo at over 3x the price
    2. Way to wait halfway into your delivery window to tell us you’re delaying shipping by another 5 months.


Tibor Sekelj11 months ago

Please cancel and refund my contributions. I’m sick of taking your unprofessional handling of the project. You do not update your backers regularly on the progress even we ask for it every month. This is bad project management and irresponsible towards your backers.


bpicard11 months ago

They posted an updated on Facebook stating that the shipping is delayed. According to a reddit thread, the european orders are even further delayed with no reason given. They anounced an update for April 29. I suggest you do the same as me and write an angry mail to [email protected] and lament about the piss-poor comunication from their part. If they don’t want to end the howl campaign in a comunication desaster like the coolest or zano they better listen.


Richard Bullard11 months ago

I’m not worried yet as I was told April/may 2016 had an update three weeks ago that they had sent the bots for testing.


Daniel Caudle11 months ago

Haven’t received mine either. Another idiot tax I just paid. These crowdfunding sites can be compared to playing the lottery.


Luke Sparks11 months ago

Where the hell is Jibo?


wyattkneaper1111 months ago

Does Jibo support SmartThings and Insteon platforms?

Bill Vastis11 months ago

What is the status of our jibo???


Francesco Verdesca11 months ago

When our jibo will be sens?


Paul Tan11 months ago

Your non communicative tactics and not updating backers here speaks a lot about the company and Cynthia.


ZHUO YANG11 months ago

The updates are here:


khoonleung11 months ago

The team should have updated the backers here. Here’s some update I got from the web


Tony Murgatroyd11 months ago

Yep, I’m keen to know too… 🙂

Jeff Smith11 months ago

Would like to know when Jibo may be ready


pap19697011 months ago

me to?


Nan Nelson Ange11 months ago

Still waiting


pap19697011 months ago

I just paid the whole thing in June 2014 and still waiting..


Kevin Kilbride11 months ago

I contributed for a JIBO in August 2014. I was wondering when I would revive my JIBO that was supposed to be delivered in 2015.


Wendy Gonzales12 months ago

When are you going to start delivering on this product. It had been a year since I contributed. Let’s get this thing moving please.


mfdbalboa12 months ago



Zachary Guss12 months ago

I recently attempted to write a comment on one of the Jibo blog pages about how we should get updates on Indiegogo as well as the blog…Needless to say that it was taken down. Furthermore, a couple of weeks ago, I contacted the Jibo support email, asking for more information to be placed on the Indiegogo page. They said ,“With that in mind, I will definitely make sure that our team is aware that some would like updates on Indiegogo.” I would think that delivering the SDK kits is important…


Gina Chiang12 months ago

Can we (as backers) PLEASE get an update from Jibo (anyone??) on what is going on with the Jibo development, and when should we expect jibo to arrive?

Ade Herdiansah12 months ago

Can’t wait to play with Jibo


Mark Vadney12 months ago

Good news (maybe). Jibo blog says they are shipping out the early supporter sdk models from Indiegogo now. So maybe by June for the rest of us


Neil McKenzie12 months ago

I’m not worried yet, I got told April/May 2016


pap19697012 months ago

well is March, where is jibo! Cash money and run ……

David Christian12 months ago

I raised many good questions when this campaign was still active but everyone was so busy drinking the cool aid to bother listening . Now it seems I might be proven correct. Damn those cool aid drinkers, they were the reason I put a match to $200 and supported this. I don’t care about the .018% of my bottom line, it’s the principle of it, I don’t like being ripped off and lied to.


Arik Klein12 months ago

Cam someone tell me when I’m going to get my Jibo?


Stuart Jolley12 months ago

i’m getting very nervous about this pre-order. Does JIBO exist?? there’s no comms and no videos of JIBOs development.


Ken Gross1 year ago

Another successful indiegogo campaign. Fraud and theft. Get the feeling I am a little angry yet?


ssz.apple1 year ago

Nobody responde from the Jibo side? No email back nothing.. Never again! Waiting for almost 2 years!


Gerald Badoz1 year ago

Hmm, just checked out Aido…roughly for the same price I can have a mobile robot. I don’t mind waiting for my JIBO as long as its done right. I would hate to get an early version thats crappy and get obsoleted in the first 6 months to a year.


pap1969701 year ago

I agree is the same delema every month?! no machine. .


Ken Gross1 year ago

I guess we got our three million, now we can produce videos and never ship a machine.
Tired of the indiegogo shuffle. This is it for me and this website.


gdd90001 year ago

As of March 2, the info on this website now says this about shipping dates (short story = pushed back another month) :

“When we start shipping*
JIBO InDemand pre- orders will begin to be fulfilled in the April/May 2016 timeframe on a first-ordered, first- received basis. JIBO, Inc. will keep you notified of your JIBO ship date.”


saxnix1 year ago

@bpicard, I took your advice and emailed them directly. They responded quickly, but the answers given were vague and useless. Couldn’t even tell me a season they believed they would be ready to ship to Australia. My last question was asking if they think they will ship this year or not?


bpicard1 year ago

And I recommend to anyone with questions to contact them directly [email protected]


bpicard1 year ago

I got an email from their support. They confirmed their schedule. Shipping should start March/April and depends on two factors: “All orders will be delivered on a first-ordered, first-received basis. International ship dates will vary pending individual government certification processes.”

A Fathman1 year ago

“When we start shipping*

Jibo will begin to arrive on Indiegogo early adopters’ doorsteps in the March/April 2016 timeframe. Shipments will occur across two months as we ramp production. All pre-orders will be delivered on a first-ordered, first-received basis.

*These estimated ship dates may vary. Jibo Inc. will keep you notified of your ship date.”

Yea, so much for them keeping us updated…


wyattkneaper111 year ago

Does Jibo support Insteon?


pap1969701 year ago

what happen we march/April .now is april/may….


Anthony Simon1 year ago

Are we still on schedule for April/May delivery?


dspinks7771 year ago

Mark, I just checked out the Aido… It does look very cool, I like the way it can project images and can be used as a personal teacher…


Mark Vadney1 year ago

Aido is coming to eat your lunch Jibo. Better get your product out. A remarkably similar product is being launched Aido, if they can get to market before you, you will be remembered like the guy who was second to invent the telephone.


lonewolf1141 year ago

From the moment, I was shown this campaign I was enthralled. Each and every time, I have seen the updates and heard about things being worked out, it only makes my appreciation for the work being done, just that much more. I look forward to receiving my JIBO and experiencing all of the things and ideas that you and your team have come up with and made possible, by your dedication and hard work.


gdd90001 year ago

Here is the latest info from the website. See the asterisk?

When we start shipping*

Jibo will begin to arrive on Indiegogo early adopters’ doorsteps in the March/April 2016 timeframe. Shipments will occur across two months as we ramp production. All pre-orders will be delivered on a first-ordered, first-received basis.

*These estimated ship dates may vary. Jibo Inc. will keep you notified of your ship date.

Ethan Gordon1 year ago

I just emailed them at their Blog… and asked for an update….(Fingers Crossed)


minh81n1 year ago

Well this is very concerning as to no ones comments or emails are being answered


Raul Askenazi1 year ago

every single time they told us a new lie, i am really upset.


peiffer.bruno1 year ago

A blog is updated weekly with posts covering many different topics : http://blog.jibo.com.


Kunal Shahdadpuri1 year ago

Hi, any updates on the status of the item?


Stephane Masse1 year ago

Nothing received yet … something wrong ??? I will like to have a respond from your side with date of delivery


ian1 year ago

Guys come on this is unfair why are you not replying?


ian1 year ago



Leslie Boymond1 year ago

when is the shipping day please?


pap1969701 year ago

when is the shipping day ?I purchased jibo back June 2014..thank you


wyattkneaper111 year ago

When is out actual expected shipping date? Thanks guys!!!


s.wilkins1 year ago

I was one of the original adopters and should have avoided this scam.


Ashley Sommerville1 year ago

I was an early contributor and I got the email telling us that it was delayed. it was in a video message


jeffhogancamp1 year ago

Contribution Amount: $499
Payment Method: Credit Card
Perk: JIBO Home Edition: 2015 Ship
Estimated Delivery Date: December 1, 2015
Shipping Information:


jeffhogancamp1 year ago

First contributors were told it would be to us by Christmas 2015. And we have gotten no e-mail telling us anything more. Where are the updates on when they will ship. In may will you change it again. That’s an extra 6 months. Do they plan on throwing in a battery for our wait?… Just sad we have not received any updates..


minh81n1 year ago

April was when I remembered it to be


Matt Bennett1 year ago

They never said this would ready by Christmas. They have said February 2016 from the beginning. I am prepared for it to over that date as well. This project is a huge undertaking.


Cheryl A Saunders1 year ago

I would just love an actual new update considering the last one was in two months ago and planned this as a Christmas gift as well. Kinda disappointed.


pap1969701 year ago

me to


Erin Corral-Holmes1 year ago

Needless to say, I’m a bit disappointed. This was a Christmas present, so if they manage to deliver in March it will hopefully become a birthday present.


Erin Corral-Holmes1 year ago

Their website now says: March/April 2016


ssz.appleover 1 year ago

It still says December 2015 but i dont think thats going to happen caus they changed the date a couple of times already


Cheryl A Saundersover 1 year ago

Any idea when our jibos will be released?


TechnoHunterover 1 year ago

@ronaldsurf & Benzoid, they are not paying as much attention to Indiegogo as they are to their website. They have a blog setup on their site.


ronaldsurfover 1 year ago

After raising 3million you would think they could hire someone to answer our questions but it seems they don’t care. We need more updates and to know the status of each contributor!


Benzoidover 1 year ago

Did anyone else try to receive a refund? I did in Sept. and haven’t heard from them since.



  1. Hi Jibo community – I live in Europe and I was involved by a very friend of mine at the beginning of the Indiegogo campaign: at that time I was interested to be part of the development community – even if it was not open source (and a development model was never created) it would have been nice to be part of that project. The respectable and experienced brains presented as the management team would have offered a solid warranty of success – all the ingredients to build a road paved to success were there.
    Next came the nonsense blog with very rare nonsense content.
    To make long processes short, after more than two years of waiting arrived the announcement: all non-US backers would have been refunded (by a US check – nice shot!) because of some hilarious if even believable motivations: 1. privacy and 2. latency (beside the unavailability of languages, curious enough, different from US-English – I was prepared for that).
    1. privacy – all the potential problems related to a multitude of country specific privacy laws were there BEFORE the founding process;
    2. latency – please calm me down: this kind of aspect should have been taken in account LONG BEFORE even thinking to start the funding – it looked like to be excited to have invented a paratrooper life saver hook and realize immediately after that there are no ropes in the sky to hung!

    In the end I obtained the refund as offered by Jibo so the damage was very small but my time as per every other backer’s time, has been wasted for a dream that would have not been proposed BEFORE some elementary but due verification – backers have been treated so bad for so long!

    • There are hundreds of unhappy customers, a lot of them trying to get refunds and they’re being totally ignored on the funding site and treated with indifference by an arrogant management team. The comments in the body of this post are real, taken straight from the funding site, and nobody from Jibo is addressing them.

  2. I got my check in winter of 2016 after waiting for Jibo for 2 years. (Chaeck qas personal, based in CA, and numbered 300!!!!). This also included going through 2 years of repeated promises to deliver and reading through generic letters/updates from the developers. Jibo is a scam…wake up peeps! I get it now…it’s a monrey making scheme where money taken from the innocent public is invested/diverted and the scam artists behind this crowfunding are benefiting from the interest accrued by the capital.

  3. Those asking for a refund, forget it, you might not think you are a venture capitalist, but that is what you were. With any investment there is risk, there are NO REFUNDS. You invested in an idea that a smart little social robot would become part of your family. It would appear that will not happen, at least not with Jibo. They over promised and could not deliver. We now have Alexa and Google Home doing a lot what Jibo promised to do. I still hope that Jibo will show up on my doorstep some day, but the chances of that are diminishing with every day.

  4. This sounds like one of those too good to be true scams that hits the investment social websites. From everything I have read just before putting down my credit card number recently is the founder had fired all her tech people who were constantly scratching their heads wondering what they were to really create. Poor management, Great Idea with no execution. It is just another piece of technology that may look cute but will end up in the tech junk pile fast.

  5. False promises. Indifference to requests for refunds, Now out-of-business. Is there any legal recourse being pursued?


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