Jocko Podcast 138 w/ Leif Babin: The Dichotomy of Leadership

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0:00:00 – Opening

0:08:10 – The Dichotomy of Leadership with Leif Babin

1:07:37 – Self control and When to raise your voice.

1:11:10 – Ensuring success when working with Iraq Troops.

1:21:23 – Balancing giving clear direction and talking too much.

1:25:48 – IN n’ Out VS What a Burger.

1:27:42 – Teaching Jiu Jitsu white belts “dangerous” techniques.

1:35:23 – Is the Muster for older people, too?

1:36:33 – Are big group meetings less productive than smaller group meetings?

1:43:29 – How to mediate upper management and front line troops at work.

1:49:17 – Avoiding isolation of leadership.

1:56:21 – What has change for Leif and Jocko from the time Extreme Ownership was written until now?

2:02:23 – Support.

2:35:58 – Closing Gratitude.


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