In this guide I’ll show you how to build a level 70 warrior tank using the Dikastes Set.

To get an accurate before and after picture of health, and armor levels the first thing to do is to head to Hephaistos’s Workshop in Malis and upgrade your Dikastes Set to levels 70.

Once you’ve done that go into the Abilities screen and reset all abilities, then go to Mastery Levels and reset that too.

Hephasitos's Workshop
Hephaistos’s Workshop Location

At level 70 after equipping and upgrading the Dikastes Set, and doing the reset your health and armor base should look something like this:

Health: 93,599
Armor: 7,818
Available Mastery Points: 114

The next step is to talk to Hephaistos and learn “Total Armor” engraving to level 60%.

Talk to Hephaistos
Talk to Hephaistos and Upgrade Total Armor Engraving

Once you’ve upgraded the total armor engraving to 60% then go ahead and engrave it to your Dikastes Bracers and Dikastes Belt.

Dikastes Belt
Dikastes Belt
Dikastes Bracers
Dikastes Bracers

After this step your total armor should be something like this:

Armor: 17,200

Note: Some basic math says the two engravings don’t stack, the 60% increase is calculated separately from the base armor level for each piece.

But wait, there’s more. It’s time to spend some points in Warrior Mastery.

Open up your abilities, then go to mastery levels and select Warrior Mastery. Put 14 points into Total Armor, for a boost of 52.8%. It’s possible to spend 20 points here but because of diminishing returns we don’t want to spend more than 14 because it’s very inefficient.

Warrior Mastery Points
Warrior Mastery Points – 14/20

After this step your total armor should be something like this:

Armor: 21,328

We now have 2.73 * the base armor level, but wait there’s more, head into your abilities and put 3 points in gear master. This adds 90% to base armor, reduces ranged damage by 10% and a chance to cause attackers to stagger.

Gear Master
Gear Master 3/3

After this step your total armor should be something like this:

Armor: 28,364

We now have 3.63 * the base armor level which is a big increase, turning us into a very powerful level 70 Dikastes Set warrior tank.

Yes, I know what you’re thinking.

What about the Greek Heroes set, and why not use that for tanking? Well, this tank is all about stacking armor with the 15 seconds of Isu Enhancement which quite honestly is a bit mysterious because nobody knows precisely how it works, but one thing is certain it works really well when you load it with armor.

So, why not give it a try and see for yourself? I think you’ll be surprised.

But hold on, we’re not done yet. A tank isn’t a tank unless it has a big health buffer. Armor is great, and that’s the big focus here but a health buffer is important.

Here’s what we’re starting with in the health stats:

Health: 93,599

Head into your Warrior Mastery levels and put 14 points into Health for a 17.6% increase.

Warrior Mastery Points
Warrior Mastery Health 14/20

After this step your total health should be something like this:

Health: 110,072

Big tanks use big weapons that hit hard, so we’re going to take advantage of that trait and use it to keep our health topped up. Put 14 Warrior Mastery points into Damage Dealt Restored as Health.

Warrior Mastery Points
Warrior Mastery Points Damage Dealt Restored as Health 14/20

But wait, I’m not done. Put 14 points in Warrior Mastery Health Restored with Overpower Abilities, because that’s a really massive boost in healing by using overpower.

Warrior Mastery Points
Warrior Mastery Points Health Restored with Overpower Abilitiees 14/20

For the skeptical, I made a video about this blog post, and included a demo of how well staying healed works in practice.

In the demo part of the video fighting a group of enemies I was only using normal attacks, and overpower to demonstrate the healing, and survivability of the build in general. You can imagine if I were using a full set of damage abilities just how survivable this build is.

If you enjoyed the build hit thumbs up on the video, subscribe and leave comments about your favorite builds.


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