If you’re willing to invest a few hours you’ll find it’s easier than you thought to put a few hundred dollars extra in your pocket.

Step 1. Go to the dollar store and find some cheap items with a quality feel
Step 2. Research those items to see what they’re selling for on eBay
Step 3. Buy the most profitable items and sell them on eBay

Most people will read this and make excuses about why it won’t work, the most common one is “shipping costs” – well guess what, people with more money than you are more than happy to pay shipping costs – for them it’s the acceptable price of “convenience”.

Suspend your disbelief for a few weeks and give it a try, you really don’t have a lot to lose.

The more time you spend researching items and discovering what’s in-demand and what has the highest profit margins the more you’ll make, yep – it’s called work, it takes effort but once you’ve done your research you’re good, you really only need to do it once.

But trust me, once you figure out one item that makes you a profit you’ll be more than happy to do more research and invest more time and take more profits – money is a great motivator, especially when the way you make it is super fun, easy and repeatable.

Please, don’t ever complain you have no money.  Give it a try and leave your comments below about what worked and what didn’t.  I know people who do this full-time and make a lot of money, so there’s no reason you can’t do the same.




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