Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Maxine is Your Arador AI
Personal Assistant

Trying to get ahead online?

Tired of spending hours on dozens of tools trying to optimize your SEO?
Tired of looking for long-tail keywords that might not even produce results?
Tired of the painfully slow and unpredictable growth-hacking-grind?

We felt that pain and often thought “surely there’s a better way”, but after searching high and low we really couldn’t find one. It was just a plain old grind every day. Thing is there’s only so much we could take and eventually we bit the bullet and decided to solve the problem once and for all.

Imagine a tool that looks at a website, finds its competitors and analyzes their web content, social media, paid-media and influencer campaigns and automatically comes up with ways to out-maneuver them.

How much frustration, time and money would such a tool save you? We know the precise answer to that question because we suffered those expenses for a long time, and now we’re making our in-house solution available to you.

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