Mobile Strategies to Grow Your Business

Mobile Strategies to Grow Your Business

Mobile offers a powerful opportunity to grow your business, here are 7 ways you can leverage mobile to grow your business.

Content Distribution

Hopefully by now you’ve realized having a blog is a great way to reach new customers and retain existing ones, but what have you done about mobile content?  Google Newsstand is a very powerful way of getting your content in front of mobile users and every day people are waking up and reading their morning articles that Newsstand offers.

Here’s a Google Newsstand Help article to help you get started,you’ll be shocked how easy it is to set up Newsstand so get started now and come back to this article later.

Brand Awareness

The sheer volume of mobile users should be compelling you to create an app, but only do it if it makes sense and only do it if you have a solid distribution plan but if you already have your blog taken care of and you’re also on Newsstand then you’re half way there.

Don’t rush into app development, think long and hard about your brand and what value you can bring to your customers on their mobile device.

How many of your competitors have a mobile strategy and an app?

This may not be something you’ve thought about so go take a look around at who’s doing what in your market, check the unique value and user experience of competitors apps and figure out how to do it better.

Additional Revenue Stream

While apps are great for building brand awareness and most of them are free you should also be thinking deeply about how you can generate additional revenue with a mobile strategy.  An app doesn’t have to be just a marketing tool, it can be a legitimate revenue stream you hadn’t thought about.

What do you offer your customers that an app could augment?  If you have a product with multiple price plans an app could be part of a middle or higher tier price plan.  Even if you don’t increase the price just having an app when your competitors don’t as one of your key benefits can dramatically boost sales conversions.

Customer Service and Engagement

A mobile strategy can be a great way to provide faster and easier support for your customers, it can improve customer engagement and higher satisfaction due to quicker response times.  People are increasingly expecting faster response times.

One way to improve customer service and overall customer satisfaction is by building a customer service bot for Facebook, or even a proprietary bot app.  It’s always far cheaper to retain customers than it is to acquire new ones so this is one mobile strategy you shouldn’t overlook.

How We’re Doing It

One of the services we provide is AI augmented online marketing, and part of our service allows us to communicate with our customers over WhatsApp for Business.  We’re currently still in beta but if you want to go ahead and sign up we’ll do our best to get you access as soon as we’re able to.

Head on over to Maxine and she’ll tell you more.

I hope you found this helpful, and I hope you’re a little bit more motivated to adopt a mobile strategy.  The sooner you do it the better because I guarantee many of your competitors are overlooking this huge opportunity.