Nevada Bans Taxing of Blockchain Technology (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc)
– Page 8 –
– 79th Session (2017)

purpose of NRS 244A.597 to 244A.655, inclusive, is confidential
and must not be disclosed by any member, official or employee of
the county fair and recreation board or the city imposing the license
tax unless the disclosure is authorized by the affirmative action of a
majority of the members of the appropriate county fair and
recreation board. Continuing disclosure may be so authorized under
an agreement with the Department of Taxation or the Secretary of
State for the exchange of information concerning taxpayers.
9. The powers conferred by this section are in addition and
supplemental to, and not in substitution for, and the limitations
imposed by this section do not affect the powers conferred by, any
other law. No part of this section repeals or affects any other law or
any part thereof, it being intended that this section provide a
separate method of accomplishing its objectives, and not an
exclusive one.
Sec. 8. This act becomes effective upon passage and approval.
20 ~~~~~ 17

Source: Bill SB398


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