PUBG is Blocking Legitimate VMWare Users for No Good Reason

PUBG Blocking VMWare Users

If you’re a VMWare user that needs to leave your player or workstation running while you do other things like most VMWare users do because that’s what it’s good for then PUBG has a surprise for you.

Start playing PUBG with VMWare running (legitimately) at the same time and you’ll be blocked for no good reason at all.

Video of PUBG blocking a player with VMWare running

If the game was running “inside” VMWare then that might be reasonable, but blocking VMWare users that happen to have a legitimate VM running at the same time as playing a game is totally out of order.

PUBG needs to get it’s act together and stop blocking players that are using VMWare legitimately. It’s not ok to suddenly implement a policy that blocks legitimate users of some other software.

If PUBG insists on continuing this stupidity then they should offer refunds to people that need to have VMWare running all the time.


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