Skilled Assistants, What They Do and Where to Find Them

Skilled Assistants

Skilled Assistants are remote workers with skills in a particular field of expertise, they’re different from VA’s because they’re specialists that can perform specific types of important tasks such as marketing, advertising campaign management or cyber security.

Providers of skilled assistants are primarily targeting startups, entrepreneurs and professionals such as dentists, doctors and lawyers as well as small businesses and even enterprise project teams.

The Remote Jobs Trend

In the past five years there has been significant growth in remote jobs, and an increasing number of companies are willing to employ people on this basis.  This trend is largely driven by the millennial generation with a strong desire for flexible work on their terms.

What tasks do skilled assistants perform?

Pretty much every type of task you can think of, but here are the main use cases for skilled assistants, according to the categories skilled assistant providers cater to:

Marketing – Advertising – Social Media – Analytics – Sales – Research – Website Maintenance – Cyber Security – Dev Ops – Tech Support – Programming – Design – Project Management – Database Admin – Web Development – Networking – Enterprise Architect – Product Development – Software Architect – Application Development – Infrastructure Architect – Business Consulting

Who do they work for?

Assistable, provider of skilled assistants is targeting progressive organizations that rank actual skills, and individual ability higher than they rank degrees. ¬†While nobody can argue education isn’t important, what is obviously more important to clients that hire them is the real world skills they use to perform tasks well.

Skilled assistants frequently work for:

Entrepreneurs – Startups – Real Estate Agents – Real Estate Brokers – Financial Advisors – Professionals – Dentists – Doctors – Lawyers – Accountants – Small Businesses – Agencies – Design Studios – Web Developers – Executives – Enterprise Project Teams

Where to find skilled assistants and remote work?

You can find dedicated skilled assistants and apply to become one at:

Assistable Skilled Assistants


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