VPN Scanner is now available for Android in the Google Play Store

VPN Scanner

The fastest, most reliable IP lookup tool that’s been available at svpn.com for a while is now also available as the VPN Scanner app for Android in the Google Play Store.

VPN Scanner is a very fast IP lookup tool with its backend deployed to 200+ edge locations around the world.  The new Android app displays the public IP address that’s currently visible to the public Internet, providing links to check if IPs are blacklisted and who the network operator (ASN) is.

Just scan with the VPN turned off and again with it turned on to compare results, or if you’re paranoid then just visit svpn.com website instead, and keep your VPN / Tor enabled.

VPN Scanner provides:VPN Scanner

– IP Address + Blacklist Check
– ASN + Network Operator Lookup
– Country
– City
– Continent
– Latitude / Longitude
– Postal Code
– Region
– Region Code
– User Agent
– Link to plain-text IP

VPN Scanner does not create logs or keep records of access.

The tool returns a user’s current IP as a link to a blacklist check, allowing VPN users to troubleshoot various issues.  The autonomous system number (ASN) links to a an ASN lookup service, displaying network operator information.

The new tool can be used to check both VPN and Tor connections, from both the svpn.com website and the Android app.

You can download the VPN Scanner tool from Google Play Store.


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