WooCommerce stripe subscriptions are easy to setup, but the greedy pigs at WooCommerce have priced their subscriptions addon at $200 – which is just ridiculous, so in this article I’ll show you three alternatives, one is free and doesn’t require WooCommerce and the others are cheap, saving you up to $161.

The first question you should ask yourself is “Do I need WooCommerce Stripe subscriptions at all?”, the answer to that question really depends on whether you need account management or not.  If you’re ok with accepting subscriptions without users having a place to log into your site then the first free option will work for you, if not then skip to the second.

Option 1 – Direct Stripe – WooCommerce Stripe Subscriptions

Stripe Subscriptions

Direct Stripe is a free WordPress plugin that enables you to create customized Stripe payment buttons that use the high-conversion modal pop-up.

Direct Stripe Features:

  • Live and Test Modes
  • Redirect to Success and Error Pages
  • Customize logo / image
  • Option to capture billing address
  • Custom button styles
  • Optional terms and conditions checkbox
  • Custom text and link for terms and conditions
  • Custom emails to admin and customer
  • Accept fixed payments or subscriptions
  • Coupon code handing
  • Insert button anywhere using a shortcode

This is a great plugin if you don’t need any kind of user account management that WooCommerce provides, but keep in mind there are other options for user account management in the WordPress plugin repository, you might be able to do what you need using another plugin.


Option 2 – SUMO Subscriptions for WooCommerce

WooCommerce Stripe Subscriptions

This $39 plugin is a direct substitute for the $200 WooCommerce Stripe Subscriptions plugin, saving you a whopping $161, it’s a complete subscription system that’s fully compatible with WooCommerce, allowing you to create fully automated Stripe or PayPal subscriptions.

SUMO Subscriptions Features:

  • Most Comprehensive WooCommerce Subscriptions Plugin
  • Simple Subscriptions, Variable Subscriptions and Grouped Product Subscriptions
  • Order Subscription for Non-Subscription and Non-Membership Products
  • Users can Select the Subscription Duration and the Number of Renewals for Order Subscriptions
  • Subscription Payment Synchronization
  • Prorate Amount can be charged for Synchronized Subscription
  • Subscription and Non-Subscription Products in single checkout
  • Inbuilt PayPal Reference Transaction Gateway for Automatic Subscription Renewal
  • Automatic Subscription Renewal using PayPal Subscriptions API
  • Inbuilt PayPal Adaptive Payment Gateway for Automatic Subscription Renewal
  • Inbuilt Stripe Payment Gateway for Automatic Subscription Renewal
  • Automatic Subscription Renewal using SUMO Reward Points Payment Gateway(requires SUMO Reward Points Plugin)
  • Manual Subscription Renewal using any WooCommerce supported Payment Gateway
  • Multiple Subscriptions in single checkout
  • Free Trial and Paid Trial supported
  • Subscribers can switch between Automatic Subscription Renewal and Manual Subscription Renewal
  • Switching between Identical Variations
  • Trial Fee and Sign Up Fee can be set
  • Site admin can manually create an order with Subscription and assign to any User
  • Option to Include/Exclude Shipping Cost in Subscription Renewal
  • Option to Include/Exclude Tax Cost in Subscription Renewal
  • Multiple payment reminder emails can be sent
  • Subscription can be changed to Manual Renewal Mode when Automatic Renewal is cancelled
  • Settings of Subscription Products can be bulk updated using Bulk Update
  • Master Log to record all the transactions throughout the site
  • Recurring Donations(requires SUMO Donations Plugin)
  • Membership Subscriptions(requires SUMO Memberships Plugin)
  • Compatible with SUMO Reward Points(requires SUMO Reward Points Plugin)
  • Highly customizable
  • WPML compatible
  • Translation ready


Option 3 – Subscriptio – WooCommerce Subscriptions

WooCommerce Stripe Subscriptions

Subscriptio is a $49 WooCommerce extension that allows you to sell subscriptions. Subscriptio adds recurring payments capability to WooCommerce so you can sell products like magazine subscriptions, online memberships, e-learning packages and any other tangible or intangible products.

Both simple and variable products can be configured as subscriptions and allow you to set payment cycle, free trial length, subscription length and a setup fee. When a customer purchases a subscription, a subscription flow is started, which consists of the following actions in a chronological order:

  1. Order placed
  2. Payment received (skipped in case of trial with no setup fee)
  3. Subscription activated (or enters an optional trial period)
  4. Renewal order generated
  5. Payment reminders sent
  6. Attempt to process automatic payment (if payment gateway supports Subscriptio)
  7. Subscription marked as overdue (grace period; optional)
  8. Overdue payment reminders sent (optional)
  9. Subscription suspended (optional)
  10. Cancellation warnings sent (optional)
  11. Subscription cancelled if no payment is received
  12. Subscription expired (if not cancelled by the time maximum subscription length is reached)

Woocommerce Stripe Subscriptions

Both shop managers and customers can pause and resume WooCommerce Stripe Subscriptions as well as cancel them. However, it is possible to disable this possibility for customers. There are more configuration options like when reminders should be sent, length of the suspension period etc. Plus there are many hooks and filters for developers to use.


  • Allows to sell WooCommerce Stripe Subscriptions
  • All subscription related actions are handled automatically
  • Supports Stripe and PayPal for automatic subscription payments
  • Both simple and variable products can be turned into subscriptions
  • Set any billing cycle length and max subscription length
  • Allows to charge a one-off signup fee in addition to recurring total
  • Allows to configure subscription trial period of any length
  • Subscriptions can be paused, resumed and cancelled manually
  • Multiple settings fields to make this plugin work as you want it to work
  • Subscriptions are purchased as regular WooCommerce products
  • Possible to purchase subscription and non-subscription products during single checkout
  • Possible to purchase multiple subscriptions and any quantity of each subscription
  • Subscription list and subscription management tools for customers
  • Related subscriptions displayed for each order that contains subscriptions
  • Related orders displayed for each subscription
  • Super easy to use yet powerful admin subscription management area
  • All subscription transactions logged and displayed
  • Sell any tangible or intangible products
  • Sell online memberships with recurring changes (requires additional extension)
  • Lots of hooks and filters for developers

Payment Handling

Subscriptio supports semi-automatic billing and fully automatic billing. In case of semi-automatic billing, customers receive an email at the beginning of each billing cycle, click on a Pay Now link and make their payments manually. In case of fully automatic billing, payments are processed automatically and does not require any action to be taken.

For semi-automatic billing, Subscriptio works with all WooCommerce payment gateway extensions.

For fully automatic billing, Subscriptio requires some specific functionality implemented in the payment gateway extension that allows Subscriptio to process recurring payments at its own discretion.

Subscriptio comes with two built-in payment gateway extensions that enable fully automatic billing out of the box – Stripe and PayPal Express Checkout. They have all the functionality required by Subscriptio and they work as regular payment methods too.

Please note that the built-in PayPal Express Checkout extension requires Reference Transactions to be enabled for your PayPal account to process recurring payments which may require you to pay a monthly fee to PayPal – please check with PayPal support if in doubt.

If you decide to go for the SUMO Subscriptions plugin or another alternative plugin then I also recommend you get the WooCommerce Direct Checkout plugin, this plugin allows you to set custom text on your product buttons and send users straight to the final payment page.

This plugin means subscribers don’t need to go through the “add to cart” process, you can have a button that says “Subscribe” and when they click it they go straight to the payment page which saves them time and will help you increase sales conversions.


WooCommerce Stripe Subscriptions

This plugin is free, and available from the WordPress plugin repository.


Anyway I hope you found this article useful, these are definitely the best WooCommerce Stripe Subscription plugins I can find but if you know of any other solutions or tips and tricks relating to WooCommerce Stripe Subscriptions then please leave a comment below.


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  1. Thanks so much for your help with this! This was easy to read, and you broke it down in a way that I could easily make a decision! (I’m going with Subscriptio!)

  2. I’m curious to know – are you sure that Direct Stripe will work properly with WooCommerce? Have you seen a store properly utilizing this? I ask because it seems you would have to turn off *ALL* methods of available payment via woocommerce, and then embed the Stripe button via shortcode in the product description. Correct?

    • That’s why it says “This is a great plugin if you don’t need any kind of user account management that WooCommerce provides”

      I listed it as an alternative because there are few (if any) free plugins. The free ones I found were either out of date, very buggy or insecure. If you do happen to find a good free one I’m happy to review it and list it here.

      So I suggest using this one instead.

  3. Another way to do it, depending on the business model, is to use a membership plugin and make the membership a recurring payment through Stripe.


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