The recent sale of for $976k makes it the 7th highest price paid for a domain, premium 3 and 4 letter domains are extremely rare and hard to come by and for its new owner acquiring was no exception.

“I knew I wanted to purchase in 2011. After a seven year pursuit, we finally acquired the name from an owner in Cupertino, California or the heartbeat of Silicon Valley, Apple and Steve Jobs,” Gargiulo explains.

You heard that right, it took Gargiulo 7 years to acquire and he finally got it.

But don’t be disappointed that it wasn’t you because we think there’s an even better VPN related name for sale, is on auction at Flippa and the starting bid is just $1.

Anyone with any business sense knows differentiation is key and that’s why we think is much more valuable.  That one letter ‘s’ makes all the difference and in the context of VPN’s it means only one thing and that’s ‘secure’.

Having a great name saves advertising dollars and makes marketing a whole lot easier if that name conveys a unique position in the marketplace.  So which name do you think is better?

Would you rather buy a VPN or Secure VPN?

I think the answer’s obvious and there’s an opportunity here.

Check out the auction and grab yourself a great name before it’s too late.


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